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Blogging eBook Now Available

Written by Peter G. Miller — a nationally-syndicated newspaper columnist with more than 250,000 print books in print — this no-nonsense guide explains in plain English how to get a blog up, running and promoted. And no, it’s not your father’s media anymore. Major topics include: How to pick the best blog name What blogs […]

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Can Journalists Be Objective?

In the mid-1980s Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC) and a group named Fairness in Media asked “almost one million” conservatives to invest their dollars in CBS stock and elect corporate directors who would “put an end to liberal media bias.” Whether one agrees with Helms or not, his proposal raises complex issues. Was, or is, CBS […]

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What’s News To Journalists?

Trying to define the term “news” is somewhat like watching a magician pulling scarves from a thimble. First there’s a small wisp of color and soon yards and yards of material follow. The concept of “news” is equally baffling: What seems clear and obvious up-front turns out to be surprisingly complex. Perhaps the best way […]

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What Does The “Fourth Estate” Mean?

Journalists are often described as members of the “fourth estate,” a description which raises a question: What is the fourth estate? In Europe during the Middle Ages it was felt that there were three estates or classes — the nobility, the clergy, and the common people. The press didn’t really fit into any of the existing […]

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What Are Libel & Slander?

In America it’s okay to have beliefs and viewpoints, including low opinions of other individuals, products and institutions. The catch is that some opinions can get you in trouble. In general terms it’s okay to express an opinion. If you think the food at Joe’s Dinner is miserable, you have the right to say so. […]

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